About Me

Hello pals,

This is Bilal Hamza Dhamee and I am a five-year old boy. I was born on July 22 in 2010 in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada. The hospital I was born in was Lasalle Hospital and I was born at 1:32 PM. My name, Bilal, was kept by my great grandfather.

I also have one sibling who happens to be my little brother who was born in 2014. His name is Mustafa and he is really cute and I love him very much. His date of birth is July 20 2014.

I am a boy who loves all the simple things around him and I love it when people shower me with love and affection. I also love attracting people towards me with my little acts.

I love to play and playing sports is my favourite hobby. I actively participate in extracurricular activities related to sports.

Sometimes I behave naughty as I love to tease and annoy people with my naughtiness. I am a very lively kid and I love to keep people on their toes. I get enthusiastic and excited about almost everything.

Watching television is also one of my most favorite hobbies and I spend a lot of my time watching good shows and programs being aired on the TV.

I always ask my parents to buy me different merchandise but I always end up forgetting about them which is a bad habit of me. I should be remembering what I asked them.

I also love shopping and I often go out shopping with my parents and family. I assist my parents in buying and groceries and sometimes end up making them buy extra stuff which is not needed at home. I also help out my mum in selecting and buying clothes for herself as my dad does not help her in that matter.

I have also been travelling since I was a three-day old baby and I am since then loving it. Visiting new places and sightseeing is also one of my most favourite hobbies. I love to visit interesting places.

I may not always eat spicy food but I enjoy and love eating super spicy potato-fried chips with my mum and dad who also love eating them.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Cheers.

Yours lovingly,
Bilal Hamza
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